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Esha Adyanthaya's interest in design dates back to her school days. Having always appreciated the importance of good design in our community and everyday life, she began her course in Product Design at Domus Academy, Milan in 2010. During this period she developed and enhanced her ability and vocabulary in design. A short stint at Officinesantandrea, Verona helped her gain hands-on experience on materials, techniques and procedures in Product Design.

On returning to Bangalore, she worked with Gayathri & Namith Architects and at The Designstore, Dovetail Furniture. Deeply interested in the exploration of various materials and design trends, she aims to learn from different disciplines and multicultural aspects of design to grow and develop a more keen understanding of the design process.

Samvit Blass graduated from Massachusetts College of Art, top of his class and winning the IDSA Merit Award. He has worked at top design studios in Boston, Connecticut, New York and Los Angeles. Later he taught Design in Colleges in Shanghai and Mumbai.

In 2009 Samvit started Light Fish, a multi disciplined product design company. He can take an idea through: a conceptual phase, a design phase, a prototype and testing phase, and even an animation and marketing phase. His company is best known for its Eco Chic LED lights which are now being sold all over India.

Coco and Clemens started Aurorachna in 1995 - giving a second lease of life to old and broken furniture – colonial English, French and Chetinad style - mostly made of teak or rosewood. Now they increasingly make new furniture, some of it designed by them, other pieces designed as per the client's request.

The wood used is preferably old teak. “We recycle wood. We don't want the rainforests of other countries to be denuded for our benefit,” says Clemens.

Their main clients are Indian hotel chains, interior designers, architects and expatriates. “The Australian consulate has now put us on their list of preferred vendors,” says Clemens proudly. “Our order portfolio is full till March.”

Keyur Zaveri, Bangalore-based designer, best known for contemporary designs, is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and an Architecture graduate.

In his career spanning 9 years, Keyur has managed to unite tradition with innovation in his wide range of bespoke creations for corporate and residential sector. Some of his most acclaimed designs compliment work spaces of several IT companies. Keyur's designs speak of his minimalist approach and great sense of space that inspire clean and complementing aesthetics.

Tejaswini Mistri-Kapoor, Architect and furniture designer, is the owner of Woodscapes, based on principles as universal as possible, producing objects with artistic worth, but real and utilitarian.

“Each furniture is a unique piece as I, being a designer have spent time to connect with trunks, its shape and its grains to allow each plank to decide the form for itself. Nature's process in creation of a tree is the use of inner core for the development outward. This is the approach I aspire to take.“

As a designer, I believe that the purpose of design exists in the relationship between an object and the people who interact with it. For me, it is giving this `purpose' to our customer, not only for what the product is, but for what it stands for- an interactive dialogue. A basic sensitivity towards craftsmanship, a tough skill has become increasingly valuable as it becomes rarer - it is dedication which is traditional, but is fast being lost. It has to be a synthesis of old traditions with modern requirements.

Amrish Malvankar, an architect by profession and a painter by choice, has been heading the architectural and interior design division at Aleron since 2010.

He has over a decade of experience in his professional field. A graduate of the prestigious Sir JJ School of Architecture from Mumbai he has a keen eye for detailing out beautiful and aesthetical designs in his profession. He prefers to use streamlined designs for his products with the main focus being functionality.

His paintings are a natural extension of his creativity which has now spilled on to the canvas. Having a natural inclination towards the fine arts he excelled in his use of colours across various medium from a very young age. What will catch your eye about his paintings are the unusual mix of colours and medium that he tends to experiment with.

Torkil Dantzer, a man of diverse interests, talents and high energy to work on many projects in tandem, created the wood working unit Prakrit. The place is filled with finished table tops, legs and stands. Outside, you'll find the wood planing machines and large stacks of sawn logs. Carved panels, intricate tile-pattern carving and a multitude of tables and chairs are his forte. “I was always fascinated by the complex geometric patterns you see on Muslim tiles. I am a mathematician by education and I wondered if it is possible to create a pattern which never repeats itself."

His eye for detail and his atention to the finish of his product - be it the final stage of a dye to stain a tabletop or specially ordered European fitings to attach nuts and bolts - results in furniture that is not just functional but also classic.

Quetzel: Design is the prime focus at Quetzel. The promoters, Sandeep Mukherjee and Sarita Fernandes, are graduates of the National Institute of Design. With a collective work experience of over twenty years in furniture design and manufacturing, they bring the vision and skills so vital to the success of a large scale venture such as this. Their USP is providing out-of-the-box solutions to standard problems. The Quetzel range offers the dual benefit of aesthetics and functionality.

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